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Top 5 hidden gems in Christchurch’s Botanic Gardens

Been to Christchurch’s Botanic Gardens lately? There are so many things to see and lots of popular spots but many other features that aren’t as well-known. We’ve put together our top five list of tucked away areas that are worth a visit:

Foweraker House
Situated down the side of the well-known Cuningham House, Foweraker House has lots of delicate plants like oxalis and jonquils on display in a slightly cooler environment.

Garrick House
Accessible via a door at the back of Townend House, Garrick House is filled with different varieties of cacti (including some impressive specimens that nearly reach the ceiling!). At the back of the cacti display is a door leading to Gilpin House where different orchids and carnivorous plants are displayed.

Rock and Heather Garden
Easy to access from the river path, the understated rock and heather garden features a variety ground cover plants of many different colours. Wander along the picturesque rock pathways and snap some photos by the pond.

Fragrant Garden
Gifted to the Botanic Gardens in 1990, the Fragrant Garden is packed with scented plants like rosemary, wisteria, daphne and even a curry plant. Smell the flowers or rub the herb leaves to experience the different aromas.

Heritage Rose Garden
Less known than the Central Rose Garden, the Heritage Rose Garden is hidden away over the Woodland Bridge by Christchurch Hospital and is packed with stunning old-fashioned roses with beautiful scents. It’s definitely worth a ramble along the grassy paths in summer when the roses are blooming in late spring and summer.

Come down to the Botanic Gardens for a leisurely stroll, jump on board a Botanic Gardens Tour or a punt ride to see the Gardens from another perspective, or bring along a picnic lunch to make a day of exploring!

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