When did the Gondola open?

The Christchurch Gondola officially opened on 24th November 1992

How long is the ride?

On average, the ride takes about 10 minutes although top speed allows us to make the ride time 4 minutes 30 seconds

Where was the Gondola made?

The cableway system is a Doppel Mayr 4-MG-D-185 detachable and was made in Austria. The cabins are from A: CWA construction and are made in Switzerland

How far is to the summit?

The horizontal length is 862 metres

How many cabins are there?

We have 19 cabins that seat 4 people each

How high is Mt Cavendish?

Mt Cavendish is 445 Metres high

Why does the cable way stop?

It is difficult for some guests to embark and disembark while the cableway is running so we stop the cableway to allow them on board

Tram City Tour

How Long does the Tram take?

Approx. 45 to 50 mins for one loop.

How often do the Trams run?

Approximately every 10 minutes in summer and every 15 minutes in winter.

Can I eat food on the Tram?

No, we ask that no food is to be consumed on board our Trams, a drink with a secure lid is ok.

How much are kids?

Children under the age of 15 are free with any paying adult.

How many kids can I take on the Tram?

With any paying adult up to three school aged children and two preeschoolers.

How long is the Tram ticket valid for?

Tram tickets last one dated day and are non transferable.

Punting on the Avon

How long is the ride?

Our Standard shared ride is 30 minutes; our Private ride is 45 minutes

Where does the ride start and finish? Can I disembark at any other stops on the way?

The ride will start at either the Antigua Boatsheds, Worcester Street Bridge, or Mona Vale Homestead depending on which tour option you purchase. The ride will also finish at the same location. There are no options to disembark from the ride any earlier due to health and safety reasons.

Do I need to book a time or can I just show up on the day?

Bookings are highly recommended. As spaces are limited booking a departure time with us is the only way to ensure that you will be able to get on a ride at the time that best suits you. Sometimes the wait time can be several hours or we may be fully booked with no further availability until the following day. For Private 45-minute tours bookings are essential.

Can I bring food and drink on the ride?

You are welcome to bring food and drink on the ride with you but please be aware of others who are also on the tour with you. Picnic food is welcome but hot and strong-smelling food can be a nuisance to other passengers. Also, please be aware that, with the exception of the Mona Vale departure, the river is located in a liquor ban zone through the central city and is policed by authorities as such.