Tramway Restaurant's Award-Winning Restoration

The restoration of the Tramway Restaurant in 2020 has won the Tramway Restoration Award at the 2021 Federation of Rail Organisations of New Zealand (FRONZ) conference.

The 6-month project was a joint venture between Christchurch Tramway Limited and the Heritage Tramways Trust, and began in May 2020 after New Zealand’s COVID restrictions eased.

Restoration was a huge job and included replacing the framing, walls, window frames and floor as well as both driver cabs. Once this work had been completed Tram 411 was then painted and the tables, seating and kitchen reinstalled.

The restoration of New Zealand’s only tramcar restaurant was completed at the end of October 2020 in time for scheduled services from 1 November 2020. The Tramway Restaurant offers a four-course fine dining menu package that includes a welcome drink, canapes, entrée, main, dessert and tea or coffee for a truly unique dining experience.

The Tramway Restaurant restoration team have done a fantastic job, and the 1920s tramcar is now looking better than ever.