The best things about Punting in winter

Winter is the quietest season of the year at Punting on the Avon but it’s still a great time to take a punt on the river! Here’s why:

  • They’ve got hot water bottles and cosy woollen blankets – you’ll be snug as a bug all wrapped up on the punts once winter begins and the hot water bottles come out (although we do recommend bringing your jacket too). Plus the cooler weather is a great excuse to snuggle up to your significant other for a romantic winter punt outing.
  • The scenery can be pretty stunning – we love punting when the sun comes out early on frosty mornings and the river is covered in an ethereal mist, or on a clear and sunny day when you can get some pretty photos.
  • It’s much easier to get a booking – Punting can get very busy in the summer season, so there is plenty more availability in winter. We still recommend phoning ahead to book in advance though, no matter what month you are booking for!
  • It’s a great way to relax – punting is super relaxing regardless of the season. Sink back into the comfy cushions with your feet up and listen to the peaceful sounds of the river. Bliss.

Come and join us at Punting on the Avon this winter!