Sunshine, sights and serenity

The most relaxed way to experience Christchurch

What could be more peaceful than gliding down a meandering river, watching the world float by as you take in the sound of the birds singing and warmth from the sun above?  Punting on the Avon is the ideal way to sit back and enjoy as all your troubles drift away.

Nestled in the heart of Christchurch are the award-winning Botanic Gardens – a truly stunning sight to behold and a must do for visitors and locals alike.  Towering majestic trees, expansive lawns (ideal for an afternoon picnic!), flowers in bloom and resident ducklings in full adventure mode.  One of the best ways to truly be able to appreciate the beauty is from the Avon River that flows right through its centre, and there is no better way than just chilling back on comfortable seats while someone else does all the work for you!


Punting on the Avon is a Christchurch tradition – a slice of “ye old England” that feels like you have almost stepped back in time.  Our punters are full of local knowledge – about the city, its history and the future Christchurch, as well as the flora and fauna you will pass along your journey.

So whether you are from just around the corner, or halfway across the world, you can’t say you have truly experienced the real Christchurch until you have experienced Punting on the Avon.