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Eye towards the future

We can look forward to tourism looking up in Christchurch as the CBD cordon shrinks and plans for rebuilt facilities fire ahead. Great to hear our Press newspaper is relocating to its new building in Gloucester Street.  It was almost ready to occupy when the February 2011 quake hit, munting the long-standing Press edifice, the… Read More

Changing Times ….

As with most Cantabrians, the Welcome Aboard team is displaying remarkable resilience amidst adversity.  Key attractions – the Heritage Trams, Port Hills Gondola, and Punting on the Avon all took a hit. Of these, only Punting on the Avon has resumed.  But the Gondola is scheduled to re-open by the end of the year and Trams… Read More

150 Reasons…

I was pleased to see The Press running a daily snippet 150 Reasons to Love Canterbury. The timing is appropriate after a shaky few months. I was also pleased, delighted even, to see our Trams in their second slot. Reporter Ewan Sargent called the Trams “photogenic beauties”  and wondered if all the photographs taken of… Read More

Café stop tops!

Last week on a beautiful summery Christchurch day, a friend and I decided to ride up on the Gondola for coffee.  Catching up at the Summit Café, while surrounded by 360 degree stunning views of Lyttelton Harbour, the city, mountains and the sweep of Pegasus Bay towards Kaikoura, was well worth the 20 minute cablecar… Read More