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CBD Optimism

Always keen to meet someone with optimism for the Christchurch CBD, I find, in Paul Lonsdale, a tonic.  Manager of the Central City Business Association, he is also manager of the popular Restart container mall.  “It has gone exceptionally well,” Paul enthuses. The mall on the City Mall site (former Cashel Street) opened last October… Read More

Pop-up City

Christchurch might be dubbed the ‘pop-up’ city.  We began with the hugely successful pop-up  shopping mall utilising humble shipping containers.  Although a temporary compromise, it is working so well and I am stunned by the enthusiasm of many working there.  Colin Johnson in his improvised  container grocery continues to do a roaring trade.  The pop-up… Read More

Thumbs up for post-quake Christchurch

Auckland-based Brett Atkinson who has travelled the world writing for the respected Lonely Planet travel guides gives post-quake Christchurch the thumbs up describing the re-emerging Christchurch as “New Zealand’s most exciting city.”  This is despite most of his cherished bars and restaurants of previous visits being non-existent.  The pop-up shipping container mall particularly impresses along… Read More

Quaint Grocery returns

A highlight of the Christchurch Tramway was recommending visitors take a short walk from the Victoria Square tram stop to Johnson’s quaint old grocery.  With stock piled on shelves reaching the ceiling and displays making one believe it was Christmas everyday, it was a gem.  The century-old grocery reopened after the September 2010 earthquake but… Read More

Christchurch returning to activity

Christchurch is slowly but surely getting back on its feet.  The recently-opened pop-up City Mall container shopping is a real hit, providing an excellent atmosphere for Christchurch people, and visitors.  Shops, cafes and banks in shipping containers are certainly eye-catching and different.  I particularly enjoy their many colours.  And business is booming.  Johnson’s grocery store,… Read More