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Christchurch returning to activity

Christchurch is slowly but surely getting back on its feet.  The recently-opened pop-up City Mall container shopping is a real hit, providing an excellent atmosphere for Christchurch people, and visitors.  Shops, cafes and banks in shipping containers are certainly eye-catching and different.  I particularly enjoy their many colours.  And business is booming.  Johnson’s grocery store,… Read More

Horses and Trams…

Few sights are more pleasing than the Horse-drawn Tram plodding down Christchurch’s City Mall, adding cheer to the coming festive season. I particularly love the Clydesdales Lofty, Duchy and Jack. They are great subjects for my camera. The nineteenth-century Doubledecker Tram is on loan from the Tramway Historical Society (THS). THS members will be working… Read More