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Christchurch’s Best Activities in One Ticket!

Welcome Aboard has nailed the ultimate product for visitors to Christchurch. Our new Christchurch Pass is being launched for the approaching summer season, and solves the ‘what shall we do?’ dilemma for visitors by combining the four most sought-after Christchurch attractions in one ticket: Christchurch Tram – a one day ticket to travel on Christchurch’s heritage… Read More

Enter Flat Man and Phoenix

Flat Man & Phoenix At Gondola Summit

They arrive, one tall and one short. Both wear flowing cloaks and face masks. The Spiderman-like duo do not soar self-propelled to the heights of Mount Cavendish. They step aboard a Christchurch Gondola cabin and glide up the wire.  The taller one checks in as the mysterious Flat Man, and the small guy as five-year-old… Read More