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Inspiring Book of Cherished Memories

We have been bombarded with earthquake books.  Most are well-produced and graphically illustrate our seismic disaster.  But depressing.  In Paper Plus I found something more enlightening: .  This is a magnificent impression of Christchurch as we will prefer to remember the city.  Compiled by Denis Robinson, artists include Austen Deans, Nancy Tichborne, Sue Spigel and… Read More

Gone Forever

“Gone Forever” was a headline in The Press commiserating Bishop Victoria Mathew’s announcement that Christchurch Cathedral will be demolished.  Predictably, the decision has sparked heated debate.  Indeed, the Cathedral was more than just an Anglican stronghold.  It was part of our psyche.  The Cathedral identified by its soaring spire (65.5 m) was the city’s treasured… Read More