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Canterbury Japan Day

March 11, is a significant day in the Diary of Japan.  It is the anniversary of the devastating earthquake and deadly tsunami that hit north-eastern Japan last year.  The day also marks 60 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and New Zealand and founding of the Japanese Society of Canterbury. I set off to the… Read More

Poignant Anniversary

As with birthdays no longer cherished by those of us with a Gold Card, the first anniversary of the February 22, 2011 earthquake was going to be one of mixed feelings.  Certainly it was going to be  poignant.  I joined the estimated 20,000 assembled in North Hagley Park for the Memorial Service.   Brilliantly presented,… Read More

Changing Times ….

As with most Cantabrians, the Welcome Aboard team is displaying remarkable resilience amidst adversity.  Key attractions – the Heritage Trams, Port Hills Gondola, and Punting on the Avon all took a hit. Of these, only Punting on the Avon has resumed.  But the Gondola is scheduled to re-open by the end of the year and Trams… Read More

Antarctica in the heart of Christchurch

The subject of Antarctica is a recurrent theme in Christchurch. Not surprising considering for almost a century the city has been a gateway to the great white south. Since a child I have enjoyed visiting our Canterbury Museum and typically taking a beeline to the Antarctic displays, said to be the best anywhere. More recently… Read More