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Thrillseekers Get It Right

Bungy Jump

One of the delightful aspects of getting around the traps is discovering people enjoy working for the Welcome Aboard companies.  I enjoy the buzz of enthusiasm. It’s contagious. Recently I ventured to Thrillseekers Adventures located at the 125-year-old Waiau Ferry Bridge, nine kilometres short of Hanmer Springs Village.  Neil Duncan heads a team of 10… Read More

Bungee or Bungy?

Adventure tourism has almost the same excitement for the spectator as the participant.  It is especially good for the camera-wielding blog-writing spectator such as myself.  But penning a few words about people who jump off the Waiau Ferry Bridge at Hanmer Springs Attractions, my spell-checker became confused with the spelling of ‘bungy’ – or is… Read More

Thrillseekers Boost

Welcome Aboard’s adventure tourism, Thrillseekers, near Hanmer Springs has been spared direct-hit earthquake woes.  It has, however, been compromised by reduced South Island arrivals (owing to the Canterbury earthquakes and worldwide economic downturn) but has held its own reasonably well over the past 18 months.  Now the adventure tourism site , popular for a raft… Read More

Thrills galore!

New Zealand, my Lonely Planet guide informs me, is the adventure capital of the world. Interestingly, second place goes to Switzerland, based on that country’s hectic adventure activities in Interlaken. Little wonder then that adventure tourism is a component of the Welcome Aboard attractions line up. Thrillseekers is the name of the event and it… Read More