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Rebirth of a Birney Tramcar

If you have $400.000 to spend on your next vehicle and are able to provide around 24,000 hours of paid and voluntary labour, then you, too, could be the proud owner of a magnificently restored heritage tramcar. Those stats are basics for the Birney No.15 Tramcar soon to be let loose, splendidly, on the re-opened… Read More

Aussie Natural Disaster

News of devastating bush fires in Australia is an annual event.  This year, fires sweeping Blue Mountains rural regions west of Sydney have claimed one life and 200 or so homes.  Part of the tragedy is that it is another four months to high summer when such natural disasters are typically anticipated. Us Christchurch people… Read More

Worthy Beneficiary

Down at the Tram Barn in FerrymeadHeritagePark last week I spotted a mammoth tramcar restoration project in its initial stages – the Hills car No.24.  The Tramcar was built in 1912, one of 13 trams eventually assigned to the new route up Hackthorne Road to the Sign of the Takahe terminus opened in May that… Read More

Trams Ready

The best part of three years have passed since the Christchurch Tramway was derailed by violent seismic events, principally those of February 22, 2011.  Along with the tramway much of the central city was wantonly trashed, including our much loved Anglican Cathedral that for a little over a century was the city’s proud centrepiece. The… Read More