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Tram refurbishment

Along at the Ferrymead Tram Barn a team is busy sprucing up a fleet of heritage trams in preparation for the opening of the city tramway, presently scheduled for October. No.11, the cute box car has been repainted following extensive wood repairs.  Nearby, its powered bogie truck is being rebuilt.  The Brill, No.178, is getting… Read More

First snow at Gondola summit

It is still autumn, just, but the first winter snow has transformed the Gondola summit.  It became a magical fairyland as the sun shone following a day of blizzards.  For me, there are no better views near Christchurch – the snow covered Alps with the quake-sculptured Castle Rock dominating the foreground.  The shattered Castle Rock… Read More

Views from the streets

Cruising around Christchurch by bicycle, I paused at the so-called Anglican transitional cathedral.  It’s looking great with most of the coloured glass windows installed.  I believe it will be completed within a few weeks.  Not for the first time I felt regrets at becoming a lapsed Anglican.  The idea for utilising cardboard tubes in the… Read More

Around Town

Overdue for my autumn fix I headed to our Christchurch Botanic Gardens last week.  I had left it a tad late in the season but found some great colours.  The maples were at their peak and there were some spectacular autumn oaks.  The new visitor centre is progressing and I was pleased to see one… Read More

Autumn shades and reminiscing

A maple tree exhibiting amazing shades of oranges and reds outside my window has me thinking about a previous autumn experience, in the Kansai district of Japan.  It was an impressive autumn shared with a long-time Osaka photographer colleague.  81-year-old Tatsuro san is a brilliant photographer with a love of New Zealand.  His exhibitions in… Read More