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Remembering Gordon Kirk

Gordon Kirk was my neighbour.  That was many years ago.  I thought of him during Mike Esposito’s Speech at the official re-opening of our Welcome Aboard Gondola. Gordon Kirk had a long-time passion for the Port Hills.  Aged in his 70s, his long stride was hard to match when walking on the hills.  I once… Read More

“Where is the challenge in that?”

So goes one of the outstanding comments by Welcome Aboard Christchurch Managing Director, Mike Esposito, at the official opening of the Port Hills Gondola attraction on April 19. The Council-contracted geotechnical engineer who presented a report following the February 22, 2011, seismic event advised the Gondola attraction would never re-open.  It was recommended we take… Read More

Unrepentant in the slow lane

I am a guy who prefers to travel in the slow lane, hence my passion as a one-time motorman on the Christchurch Heritage Tramway, and a mega bicycle traveller in far countries.  Not surprising then, last week I elected to take a 12-hour trip from Wellington to Christchurch.  Flying time is little more than 30… Read More

More Gondola Celebrities

Sandra and Jurgen Bohme were delighted to re-visit the Port Hills Gondola yesterday on the last day of their six week New Zealand visit.  From Nottingham in England, they had visited the attraction on February 22, 2011, also on the last day of a New Zealand visit.  They had been in the Summit Café when… Read More

Up and away………

“Awesome.  A victory for Christchurch,” is how Zane McKinnon, the first person to ride the re-opened Port Hills Gondola attraction yesterday (March 25, 2013) described the experience.  He was accompanied by his mother, Sandy, from Kaiapoi. Zane, formerly of Christchurch, now living in the UK, is an adventure junkie.  Planning a trip home, he was… Read More

All set to go – almost

A frenzied scene greeted me this week up at the Gondola Top Station.  The Shop at the Top Manager, Noeline Atkinson, and her staff were stocking the shelves with many interesting items.  I was amused by some of the decorative items on the walls.  It is set to become a popular venue from next Monday…. Read More