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Tramcar or shed. Both maybe?

I am expecting to see a derelict tramcar, the Brill No. 185, to arrive at Ferrymead Heritage Park but when Wilson’s heavy transporter rounds the corner, coming into view, a huge corrugated iron-clad farm shed is all can see.  Closer inspection confirms tell-tale signs a tramcar is indeed concealed in the shed.  I recognise the… Read More


Brian was one of the “quieter” Trammies, steady and competent.  Not one for silly jokes.  I catch up with him in Sumner’s Super Value where he works four days a week mostly packing meat and chicken.  A picture of health and energy, Brian is in shorts – his typical winter attire.  Going from Trammie to… Read More

Back to the future

Last evening I had the privilege of joining a Tramway Historical Society group attending an old-fashioned cinema, travelling by similar period transport – Veteran Electric Tramcar, No. 22.  The ride to Ferrymead Historical Village was chilly, bumpy and lots of fun.  My companions chatted in excited anticipation – just like old times.  Ferrymead Historic Park’s… Read More

Sticking up for Sister Cities

Poor Bob Parker is in the gun again.  This time for abandoning us for another overseas trip to catch up with sister cities.  And he is taking Mrs Parker, all presumably paid for by us ratepayers.  How shocking?  I am a keen supporter of the sister city setup having visited Kurashiki in Japan and Adelaide… Read More

Backpackers choose Christchurch

Backpackers transport Magic Bus has announced a return to Christchurch I heard on last evening’s television news.  The return has been prompted by customer demands to experience Christchurch, an earthquake-struck city.  Let’s hope Magic Bus also targets the great things we still have, unaffected by seismic events, in Christchurch.  They will need to team up… Read More


As typical of our Trammies, Valerie has not been bored since the city tramway was derailed following seismic events.  Valerie was distinctive for being one of the shortest (in height) of the team.  I used to joke telling tram passengers not to be deceived by her stature, or lack of it, when conducting.  “You’ll get… Read More

Enjoying what we have

Yesterday, Sunday, I cycled across the city to Casebrook to chat to an ailing mate. It was cold but mercifully dry.  The sun provided a decidedly low heat.  Much better though than previous days which was much like cycling too close to a fire hose.   My route, although close to the CBD, kept earthquake visions… Read More


No-one would forget Christchurch trammie Owen.  Always the outrageous funny man, he was also friendly, often jumping off a tram to help tourists looking vaguely lost.  Owen’s assistance would send them in the right direction – vaguely. What happened to him? Owen put a hand up to help out on the Auckland Dockline Tram when… Read More

Acknowledging Preservation and Innovation

Every Queens birthday weekend FRONZ (Federation of Railway Organizations of New Zealand) members meet for a catch-up.  A key aspect on the event is announcing the annual awards for rail preservation and innovation. This year Ferrymead won the Tramway Restoration Award for the Heritage Tramways Trust restoration of Roslyn No. 1 and the Building Structure… Read More

CBD Optimism

Always keen to meet someone with optimism for the Christchurch CBD, I find, in Paul Lonsdale, a tonic.  Manager of the Central City Business Association, he is also manager of the popular Restart container mall.  “It has gone exceptionally well,” Paul enthuses. The mall on the City Mall site (former Cashel Street) opened last October… Read More

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