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What have they been doing?

Remember Ken Henderson?  He was the tramway motorman who wore the permanent smile.  His commentary was given the thumbs up by the US ambassador on a city visit.  Ken promises to be back when our Christchurch Trams are re-instated.  His time away from the trams has been far from idle.  Presently, with wife Cynthia, he… Read More

Tram 11 on the move

This week I photographed our dinky tramcar No. 11 (the Box Car) leaving the Red Zone en route to Ferrymead Heritage Park in preparation for the Christchurch Heritage Tram restart.  Secured to the trailer deck of BTR’s huge Kenworth road truck, it definitely looked outside its comfort zone as it progressed along Lichfield Street with… Read More

Eye towards the future

We can look forward to tourism looking up in Christchurch as the CBD cordon shrinks and plans for rebuilt facilities fire ahead. Great to hear our Press newspaper is relocating to its new building in Gloucester Street.  It was almost ready to occupy when the February 2011 quake hit, munting the long-standing Press edifice, the… Read More

Tramcar restoration continues despite the shakes

Canterbury may have rocked and rolled for the best part of two years but seismic events have not deterred the hardy guys working in Ferrymead’s rambling tram barn.  This week their latest immaculate restoration, the body of Roslyn electric tramcar No. 1, was in the final throes of restoration prior to being on its way… Read More

Thrillseekers Get It Right

Bungy Jump

One of the delightful aspects of getting around the traps is discovering people enjoy working for the Welcome Aboard companies.  I enjoy the buzz of enthusiasm. It’s contagious. Recently I ventured to Thrillseekers Adventures located at the 125-year-old Waiau Ferry Bridge, nine kilometres short of Hanmer Springs Village.  Neil Duncan heads a team of 10… Read More

Back on Track?

Monday’s The Press gave most of the front page to ‘Trams back on track by Christmas?’ along with two photographs.  Great news indeed.  The timeframe is dependent on the deconstruction of buildings close to the City Loop tram track.  The story also refers to a video made by the newspaper shortly before the February 22,… Read More

Bungee or Bungy?

Adventure tourism has almost the same excitement for the spectator as the participant.  It is especially good for the camera-wielding blog-writing spectator such as myself.  But penning a few words about people who jump off the Waiau Ferry Bridge at Hanmer Springs Attractions, my spell-checker became confused with the spelling of ‘bungy’ – or is… Read More