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Shakes no deterrent for fun events

Sandcastles took on a new meaning recently as punters were vied to the best sand creations on New Brighton beach.  Just amazing as depicted in David Hallett’s eye-catching front page photo in the Press.  Then, the International Buskers’ Festival opened in Hagley Park.  With a pocket full of small change I took a stroll through… Read More

Thumbs up for post-quake Christchurch

Auckland-based Brett Atkinson who has travelled the world writing for the respected Lonely Planet travel guides gives post-quake Christchurch the thumbs up describing the re-emerging Christchurch as “New Zealand’s most exciting city.”  This is despite most of his cherished bars and restaurants of previous visits being non-existent.  The pop-up shipping container mall particularly impresses along… Read More

Carterton Balloon Tragedy

Something going wrong in a tourist venture is a worry for any operator.   The recent balloon crash at Carterton in the Wairarapa, claiming 11 lives, was a terrible tragedy felt throughout New Zealand.  As Christchurch people, experiencing ongoing quakes reminding us of the February 2011 seismic event that cost 182 lives, we are especially sympathetic… Read More

Smilers …

When working on the city trams I would introduce a co-worker, Ken Henderson, as one of two people in this world who wear a permanent smile as their default facial expression. Typically, I was asked “Who is the other?” I would mention Charlie Ogston, a Train Manager frequently seen on the TranzAlpine. Tram passengers planning… Read More

City trams under cover

         An almost gala event by a dedicated team of Tramway Historical Society members marked the last day of 2011 when the first city trams, the Boon No. 152 and Duckhouse trailer No. 115, along with the Brill No. 178 were installed in the newly-completed Tram Barn 3 at Ferrymead Heritage Park. A rattling… Read More