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Grand Tour’s Trial Run

This week I joined three very keen Welcome Aboard Grand Tour drivers, Ian, Ray and David on a trial run of the re-instated tour route starting on December 1. Much of the half-day tour is the original and very popular pre-earthquake event with the exception of the ride up the Port Hills Gondola cableway (hopefully… Read More

Three of our tr…

Three of our tramcars that were in use on February 22 when the devastating earthquake hit the central city were remarkably unscathed and were subsequently stored outdoors at Ferrymead Heritage Park. Two trams, one being the Restaurant tram, remain stranded in the Tramway Lane tram shed. Relatively safe from earthquakes, the Ferrymead-stored trams have been… Read More

Christchurch returning to activity

Christchurch is slowly but surely getting back on its feet.  The recently-opened pop-up City Mall container shopping is a real hit, providing an excellent atmosphere for Christchurch people, and visitors.  Shops, cafes and banks in shipping containers are certainly eye-catching and different.  I particularly enjoy their many colours.  And business is booming.  Johnson’s grocery store,… Read More