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Age is just a number

An earlier blog talked about the retirement of Trevor Craib. Despite being the oldest of 20 Christchurch tram drivers, his departure did not alter the average age of the team. It remained at 63. Now, the youngest tram driver, Julia Wareham, has left in the last few weeks to take up employment with a construction… Read More

Antarctica in the heart of Christchurch

The subject of Antarctica is a recurrent theme in Christchurch. Not surprising considering for almost a century the city has been a gateway to the great white south. Since a child I have enjoyed visiting our Canterbury Museum and typically taking a beeline to the Antarctic displays, said to be the best anywhere. More recently… Read More

50th Anniversary for Tramway Historical Society

Opening up my mid-week copy of The Star newspaper, I was delighted to see a well-written article, Life on the trams recalled by 95-year-old. I then spotted a photograph of 95 year old Geraldine Bowman in her conductress uniform of the 1950s, blowing her old trammie whistle. Behind her was Christchurch Tramway’s No. 178. I… Read More