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A taste of Christchurch…

It is always good to hear of a celebrity arriving in our midst, particularly when they tell us what we want to hear.  Australian celebrity chef Pete Evans has given Christchurch the thumbs up following a one-day visit earlier this year hosted by Tourism New Zealand and Christchurch and Canterbury Tourism. He was in Canterbury… Read More

150 Reasons…

I was pleased to see The Press running a daily snippet 150 Reasons to Love Canterbury. The timing is appropriate after a shaky few months. I was also pleased, delighted even, to see our Trams in their second slot. Reporter Ewan Sargent called the Trams “photogenic beauties”  and wondered if all the photographs taken of… Read More

Mr. Pete …

The undoubted success of the Christchurch heritage trams is found beyond their eye-catching exteriors. It is the people – the Motormen and Conductors and their often quirky characters. Take for example Mr. Pete, alias Peter Michie. He says he is a professional Tram Driver. “I am the only one with a title – Mr.” To… Read More

Thrills galore!

New Zealand, my Lonely Planet guide informs me, is the adventure capital of the world. Interestingly, second place goes to Switzerland, based on that country’s hectic adventure activities in Interlaken. Little wonder then that adventure tourism is a component of the Welcome Aboard attractions line up. Thrillseekers is the name of the event and it… Read More